To Whom We All Owe a Great Debt - a slice of life short story by Owen Richason IV

To Whom We All Owe a Great Debt (Slice of Life)

Twenty-seven - that was all. After numerous deployments and two enlistments, Dakota’s body trauma finally overcame his ability and will to live at just twenty-seven years old. The victim of a massive myocardial infarction, brought on by his lingering wounds, his body now lay lifeless in an old VA building, surrounded by total and complete strangers. It was the inevitable end to a hard-fought battle the young man had no real hope of winning. The injuries he suffered during his last military operation were simply too great. So egregious, his doctors were stunned he survived at all. The physicians’ agreed prognosis - a paltry 20% of living another year. That would make him twenty-eight, s
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