Why did God Create so Many Animals a slice of life short story by Owen Richason

Why did God Create so Many Animals? (Slice of Life)

It was a bright, sunny afternoon, with a few happy, puffy clouds dotting the sky. When the dismissal bell rang, Melony eagerly awaited her 8-year-old Billy, who just finished his first week of 3rd grade. He playfully skipped out of the school, and onto the playground, the teacher following behind her class. After checking her boy out with the teacher, Melony let him play for a half hour before getting him in the car. “So, how was school today?” “Pretty good.” “What did you learn?” “Oh, a little math and some other stuff.” “Hmmm…what other stuff, Billy?” “Well, we have a weekend assignment.” “Is that right? Tell me all about it!” “Mis
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