The Practical Joke ad concept by Owen E Richason IV

The Practical Joke (ad concept)

“THE PRACTICAL JOKE” – :30 ad/commercial


INTERIOR: Camera looks from the dining room into the kitchen.

Kids crouched behind a couch giggling. One calls the dog from outside but the dog is tethered to the leash and cannot run inside.

Camera shows scotch tape tacked ankle height across the kitchen entryway with bone in the foreground as bait.

Grandma walks into the kitchen from outside and takes cookies out of the oven; sits two plates stacked with cookies next to COOKIE MIX on the counter.

“Kids, Grandma made her cookies for you!” Begins to carry one plate of cookies out of the kitchen into the dining room.

Kids look at each other, panic, and run to remove the scotch tape.

EXTERIOR: BACKYARD: The dog is pulling the leash away from the anchor.

INTERIOR: The kids are too late…Grandma is tripping over the scotch tape, and the children gasp as they look on.  

Thud sound, a pause, and then kids begin to cheer.

One kid is standing proud with a full plate of unspilled cookies and raises them over his head.

CUT TO DINING ROOM: LATER: The kids are sitting at a table, with an empty plate in front of them and glasses half full of milk.

Mom walks in from the garage and sees the remaining plate of cookies on the counter next to COOKIE MIX.  

EXTERIOR: BACKYARD: The dog is nearly free from the leash.

INTERIOR: Mom to kids, “I see Grandma made her cookies!”  (Picks up the remaining plate of cookies and walks toward the dining room.)

Before the children can warn her, Mom trips over Grandma (who is still laying on the floor).

Gasps come from the dining room, and then cheers as the dog can be seen clutching a full plate of cookies with a big smile on its face.

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