On the Ball TV ad concept by Owen E Richason IV

On the Ball (TV ad concept)


EXTERIOR: AFTERNOON – BASEBALL FIELD: Camera shot begins with an outfield view looking toward the infield; the scoreboard reads: bottom of the ninth, bases loaded, no outs, 3 balls, no strikes.

The pitcher sighs, gets the signal, and pitches to the at-bat. The batter line drives to the shortstop (music begins when the bat cracks). The shortstop throws to first, first relays to second and second base throws home. POV changes to behind home plate as the catcher catches the ball, the catcher instantly turns into a hockey goalie slapping a puck away from the net.

Players skate, passing the puck back and forth; shot on the goal. POV changes to behind the net and as the opposite goalie slaps the puck, POV is now in front of a center, hiking a football to the QB. 

QB drops back, passes to WR, and WR laterals to TE. TE turns and runs toward the end zone. He crosses the plane, TE turns into a basketball player dribbling the ball down the court. The player passes to a teammate who sets up an alley-oop. 

Clip ends with the player dunking the ball and smashing the backboard.