coin and coincidence slice of life short story by Owen Richason

Coin and Coincidence (Slice of Life)

Ever eager to make a quick buck, Burris suddenly had a devious idea. The scheme came to him in a moment of disappointment, disproportionately motivated by desperation. Being nearly five grand in the hole, it would take at least that amount, plus another $60k to get him through the year. So, $120,000 would undoubtedly be much sweeter. Even better, such a score would nicely set him up for the next big thing - the one to put him so far into the black side of the ledger, he could give up the game for good. All he had to do was find the right event in a far away venue. Somewhere he could easily drop in, cash in, and pull a fast escape. Sadly, it had come to this. Now in his late forties, Bu
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